THATCamp Digital Editing

Scholarly editing – migrating print texts online – has been a staple of the digital humanities for decades. While early claims for the radical and revolutionary possibilities of digital publication have been qualified, the remediation of print sources into digital platforms has largely reshaped our access to and understanding of both literature and culture.

In the last decade, we have increasingly recognized the ways in which the long history of print and other technologies for disseminating information have shaped our online products; digital editions are thus part of a long spectrum, a conversation, of adapting media. Along with the recognition of the influence of print on electronic editions, scholars have begun formulating exactly what makes digital environments different: the nonlinearity made possible by hypertext linking; the ephemerality – or perhaps, instead, remarkable permanence – of digital texts; the ability to encourage collaboration and intersubjective exchange in new ways; the non-hierarchical, even democratic, possibilities of social media.

Our student-run conference aims to continue pursuing these questions, to explore new platforms for digital publication, and to think critically about possible directions for electronic texts. We welcome all interested scholars and students for a day of coffee and conversation!

Our THATCamp will be held Saturday April 27 in CBU’s Suite at Crosstown Concourse (Central Atrium | Level 4 | Suite 462). We will gather at 9AM and begin setting the agenda at 9:30AM. Registration is free: just send us a quick note with your interests through the registration portal.